Welcome to Journey through Sex, I am Rax LeAnne.  I am a kink-aware, sex-positive, counselor in training.  Currently, I am in a D/s relationship in it’s infancy.  Having been involved in other D/s relationships in the past, I took a hiatus from the lifestyle to focus on a more “vanilla” foundation with my current relationship.  As we approached our 4 year mark, we decided it was time to pursue the D/s dynamic.   My partner is very new to the whole thing, but is a more than willing partner.  

My hope is that this blog will serve as a conduit between our journey and others.  Also as I approach the finalization of my education I hope to be able to offer a licensed and knowledgeable view of the mental health aspects associated, impacted, and evident in BDSM, LGBTQIA, and other non-heteronormative sexual relationships.  I look forward to getting to know others as part of this journey.

Thanks, Rax LeAnne