Good Morning


He was snoring softly, the sun was barely peaking through the blinds across his bare chest. His smelled circled around her as she leaned in to drown in his scent. She propped herself up as she contemplated whether she should wake him or leave him to rest. He works so much these days, the rare day off and ability to sleep in a cherished blessing. But she had had some great dreams and was wet just thinking about what the soft sheet is hiding from her.

There was no doubt that he would let her play, they have talked about this on numerous occasions, having both agreed that consent was understood in the wee hours of the morning. But, would his exhaustion override the primal urges. She argued with herself for what seemed like forever before she decided she would test the waters and see where it leads.

She slowly slipped her hand beneath the sheet, careful not to touch him quite yet. As she got closer, she froze as he shifted beneath her, she was not quite ready for him to awaken. She had a plan.

As she neared his cock, she slowly teased the soft skin with her nails; coaxing a small moan from him and a quick glance revealed the smile on his luscious lips. She reached her destination and grasped his soft flesh. It wasn’t too often that she was able to enjoy the supple skin. She loved that he was very responsive. There is just something about a natural cock that fascinates and pulls at her.

She cupped his balls. Softly and gently placing one finger against the perineum, making a gentle circle. Another soft moan escaped him as he gently shifted toward her. Even drawn to her as he lay sleeping, she could not help but be pleased. She grasped his shaft, working ever so slowly from the base to tip, sliding her hand in a lazy rhythm. She was focused on the sensations that arose. With each stroke, his glorious cock, her cock began to lengthen and harden. A slight pulsing beneath her finger tips showed that he would cum quickly if she was careful not to wake him too much.

She smiled at the thought of having the ability to please him, completely surrendering to the sensations, she could not help the growing warmth between her own thighs. She carefully shifted her weight so that she could reach her clit with her free hand. Fumbling just a little, not used to using her non-dominant hand on herself, she soon found a comfortable rhythm between the small circles of her fingers on her clit and the hand grasped tightly on his shaft. Up and down, round and round, she allowed a soft moan to escape her lips.

She absently wondered what she would do if he were to wake and find her in this position. Batting the thought away, she quickened her own pace. Orgasm was so close. She tightened her grip on his now fully erect cock and increased the strokes and circles. Mesmerized by the sensations, she had to force herself to focus on his cock or would fall prey to her own pleasure.

Before long she could feel the familiar throbbing up and down his shaft that signals her he is not far from cumming. She has only a moment to register the small rocking of his hips before she feels the warmth start to spread quickly from her clit. She pauses only long enough to throw the sheet back, she wanted to see, she wanted to see his cum shoot from him.

Seconds later she is rewarded with a beautiful shot, that quickly pours down over her fingers and his shaft. She is right behind him as she uncontrollably tightens her thighs against her hand. Losing the battle between control and complete abandon, she writhes against her hand, coaxing every last drop from his cock. She pulls her hand away and slowly licks the drops from her fingers as she glances up to find him, smiling widely at her. “Well, Good Morning to you too.”

Everyday should start as such.

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