Growing up Sex Positive

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I am so excited to share a post from the source… a young adult that grew up in a sex-positive environment. Was it a positive experience? Read and see for yourself….

Growing up my mother was very sex positive. For as long as I could remember if I had a question, it was answered honestly and without hesitation and I never thought sex conversations were awkward. Being a girl, and having a mother that was sex positive made sex less of an awkward thing for me to talk about. I felt as though I could talk to my mom about literally ANY questions I had. Now just because we could talk about it, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing we talked about.

Is there such a thing as too much information?

   I’ve noticed people have this perception on sex positive parenting that they are “throwing sex into the child’s face.” That wasn’t the case whatsoever. My mom never threw sex in my face and we didn’t talk about her personal sexual encounters. It wasn’t like that. All it was, and is, is that children and teenagers have questions about sex. 

   Children are curious, and children become even more curious of what they know nothing about. I grew up where I felt comfortable to ask any questions I had. Any questions that popped into my head, that every child thinks of, I was able to ask instead of wonder. Instead of trying to figure out myself, where I could potentially get hurt in the process. I was able to know what was right and what was “wrong” in circumstances of consent, without it being a weird conversation with my parents. And honestly I never had to have that awkward “birds and bees” conversation you all know of. I was able to explore my body once being older, in a safe and appropriate way, and being able to ask questions at the appropriate time.

And the cycle continues…

     I think having a sex positive parent has been an amazing thing. Sex is natural and it’s something everyone runs into in life, and it should be talked about like a natural thing. Having a sex positive parent, has made me want to be a sex positive parent. Who doesn’t want to make sure their children know they can come to them literally about anything?

Nis Foster is a young parent to two amazing children and child herself of a Sex-Positive advocate and educator. Nis identifies as she/her and spends as much time as she can just enjoying being with her kiddos. She is a natural writer with an interesting point of view on many topics facing young people today. Show some love and hopefully I can convince her to be a regular contributor.

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