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Love bites or hickeys, those secret little (or not so little) gems from the carefree days of being a teen, making out with my lover in the backseat of my car before parting for the evening. As a teenager, they seemed so silly, so taboo. However, I could not wait to show them off to my girlfriends on Monday at school. Oh how times have changed!!

These days these little badges of honor take on an entirely different meaning. Gone are the days of purposeful vacuum-like sucking trying to get the deepest darkest bruise. Now the bites are the result of true lust and debauchery. The marks left behind by my dominant as he inhales my large mounded breasts, making sure to cover every inch in powerful, possessive suckling.

The surprising marks found the next day are perhaps my favorite. As I lazily caress my body in the shower, reminiscing in his every touch, landing on a tender inflammation of the skin, perhaps on my inner thigh, or just next to my left, most sensitive, nipple. The slight pain that brings me right back to the moment of ecstasy as he fed off my body as if drowning and my skin is the only thing keeping him afloat.

When I find these reminders, the young teen inside giggles, while the woman I have become stands a little straighter, proud that this man has bestowed his mark on me. The outside world doesn’t need to know our secret. Much like the familiar smell he makes a point to wear with him to work after a night of lust. HIS marks are my hidden reminder of who I belong to, who I owe my pleasure to, and hopefully who will bring me untold pleasures again very soon. I love my marks!!

This has been my first addition to Kink of the Week, I hope you find it entertaining and perhaps a little titillating. I can’t wait for the next round of kink. Be sure to take the time to check out other posts by clicking below.

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  1. Welcome to Kink of the Week. Really looking forward to reading more from in the future and i complete agree about the marks and exploring them on your body the next day. That is so damn hot


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