Making a Delightful Mess


She enjoys reading sexy stories online late at night. It helps her fantasies and she finds herself dreaming of her Master doing some of the things she reads about. Sitting in her satin and lace babydoll nightgown she combs through post after post of her favorite blogs. She lands on one in particular that catches not only her attention, but causes her lips to moisten.

She listens closely, to reassure herself that the house is quiet. As she leans back in her office chair and finds a foot hold, she has a moment to realize that she is fully exposed to the office door as it stands open. A whisper of a moan escapes her as she wishes he would just appear in the open doorway. Would he be pleased? As she reads the words on the page, scrolling now with her left fingers she lazily circles her clit; taking the time to enjoy the small sensations. As the story engages her imagination middle finger slides slowly in between her wet lips. She cannot contain the soft moan that closes her eyes and raises her body temperature. This story had everything, foreplay, anticipation, and just when she was at the point where she could not imagine any more build up, the characters screamed out in joint pleasure. She worked her fingers in and around her clit and pussy, taking a moment here and there to taste her creamy sweetness. She laid back further in the chair as she felt the pulses start to race through her body. And just as she was about to cum, she glanced toward the door to find him leaning against the door jam. With a look of immense pleasure on his face he whispered, “MMM, what a wonderful sight.”

Her wish coming true was the extra push she needed. The electric impulses flooded her body, she pushed with her hand as her body convulsed… then the flood. She had squirted before, but never this much, it just kept coming, soaking the chair and then on to the floor below. She tried to keep her eyes focused on his, but they blurred. Finally the flow subsided and she relaxed her hand and sunk into the chair.

You have made a delightful mess, My Dear.” She smiles and blushes wondering how she must look.

Dreams do come true!

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