Dazed and Confused


Is this really a possibility?  I sit here and wonder if this nagging feeling that I just cannot seem to let go of it stupid, a waste of time, or maybe, just maybe… possible.  When I ask close family and friends that understand (most of) my kinks and sexual stance, some are very supportive.  “Do what you want, people will either love it or hate it,” they say.  Others are a little more constructively critical.  Do I have a unique voice in the sex information/blogging/website stratosphere????? And the honest answer to that question is most likely no.  There are tons of websites and blogs devoted to sex, kink, even mental health and understanding how they all cohabitate.  So I find my self struggling to decide if this is something I really want to do.

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Here goes nothin’

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Staring at the blinking cursor, petrified at the implications of my written words blasted across the webiverse. I’ve written before, for my education, in a personal journal, as part of my submissive journey. BUT, I’ve never intentionally put anything online to share my inner most thoughts, secrets, or the scariest of all… my dreams. Where will my current path lead me? Is this the right step? How will it be perceived? Or… will it turn on me, lay myself open to ridicule and doubt. Does it really matter? My opinions, things I’ve learned. In all my reading, listening, and research, there is something missing.

So, who am I? Be careful what you ask, I warn you, I can be a handful. At my core, I am an extremely open-minded sexual individual. Always looking to make friends and learn new things… finally returning to active kink after a bit of a break. There is no category that really fits, I am a polyamorous heterosubmissive and homodominant. Looking to learn more of all the above.

What do I believe? Honestly, I believe everyone has the capacity to be kinky. I think that all too often our true selves are subjugated to living within the socially constructed confines of normality. Further, I believe that haters, rigid non-kinksters, and individuals that turn to verbal, and sometimes verbal, attacks to those of us that have embraced our primal desires, are merely conditioned to reject the things they do not understand.

Why am I doing this? There is a lot of information, online, in books, even podcasts related to sexual discovery, kink, and BDSM. Some I have ingested, plenty more that I have yet to explore. My personal journey involves the psychology of kink… the reasons behind why we have the desires we do, how to accept that they are part of us, and how to grow into a fully integrated, self-actualized individual. My official educational journey is not yet complete (1 more year, then on to specialization), however, there are tons of thoughts, ideas, and questions lurking already that are just screaming to get out. Therefore, instead of scribbling in some notebook or journal til my hand cramps, or saving dozens, or hundreds of Word documents onto my overloaded computer or in the cloud, I’ve come here.

Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll see you soon!

– raxleanne