Sensitive Nipple


I have always had one nipple that is way more sensitive than the other, who knows why. Recently, the sensitivity was pushed to it’s limit.

Nipple clamps, suction cups, vibrations, manual torture and suckling of my large nipples have always been some of my favorite types of play. I have a tendency to coax my partner toward the right nipple, because the sensations are so much more intense. But for some reason, I never came right out and told anyone that it was more sensitive… until now.

Knowledge can be a good thing!

He walked past me and flicked my right nipple without a second thought. It immediately sent a jolt straight to my cunt. On a soft moan, I whispered, “if you only knew what that does to me.” He stopped in mid-step and pulled me close. “What do you mean?” he questioned. So I decided to confess that my right nipple was quite a bit more sensitive, like a direct link to my pussy, any attention usually makes me immediately wet.

“Well, we’ll have to see what we can do with that information,” he stated, with a slight smirk. The thoughts immediately flooding my brain, and I wondered what door I may have opened. We were surrounded by family and there was no way to question him further. I would have to settle for my own imagination for the rest of the day.

Let the Torture Begin

When we climbed between the sheets that night, I had plenty of expectations, but I could not have possibly prepared for what was about to happen.

Things started as they usually do, plenty of heavy kissing, stroking each others bodies with a familiarity that is both a blessing and curse. He knows most of my most erogenous zones, even the tiny places behind my knee, or the inside of my thigh.

What I didn’t expect was that he would avoid my right nipple completely! I tried to use the typical ploys to coax him to suckle my nipple, but he was coy and evaded my games. I was found out, and did not know where it would lead.

Instead he kissed, stroked and fondled every inch of my body except the one spot I had been anticipating all day. I just wanted him to bite down on that nipple as if it was his life’s mission, please, just one minute.

And the Sadist Appears

Every time I caught his eyes, I know there was a pleading in my own. He would give me an smirk and his eyes held a sparkle that only appeared on rare occasions. It finally dawned on me that the Sadist had appeared.

He continued to rage my body, finally plunging deep into my cunt. Bringing orgasm after orgasm. I was left spent. When the haze lifted from my brain, I mustered the strength to ask him why he avoided the one nipple that I had told him was so sensitive.

“Why would I do that?” was the only response I got. No matter how much I begged, all I got was that evil grin. That’ll teach me to keep secrets!!

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