Fat people get horny too!!

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Have you ever looked at anything selling sex,  sex toys,  or suggestable clothing and noticed there are very few that show models,  specifically women, above a size 4 or so? Even sites claiming to cater to plus sized individuals, really display plus sized models,  and IF they do,  they might be a size 16.  The average dress in the US is somewhere around 14-16 for women,  yet the models are always tiny.

Now, I will be the first person to admit that there has been some improvements,  in magazines and other media, but not so much in shopping.  Jump over to Amazon and search for plus sized clothing and I’ll bet there is not one picture of a plus sized women,  even when the sizes available to purchase start at XL.  I don’t know about you,  but I’d like a better idea of what something might look like on someone closer to my size!

Clothing sales isn’t the only place this occurs.  Trying to purchase sex related gear or toys turns out the same way,  advertisements always feature porn-ish pictures of people in the throws of passion never having to struggle to reach their clit, or if they can reach it,  how out of breath it makes them.  Maybe that’s just me.

I’d pay good money for products that show honesty in their advertising… the fishnet stockings where the holes are stretched more around luscious thighs,  the corset that shows something bigger than an A cup with a like spillage over the top.  We’d all benefit from less expectation to meet some socially accepted stereotype of what is sexy.

I’ve met people of all shapes and sizes that not only want sex,  but actively attempt to shop for things that make them feel sex or enhance their sexual exploits.  Just give me some sexy,  comfy outfits for this big ass and I’ll be happy.

What stresses you when it comes to sex related purchases? What would you like to see,  or what would convince you to buy?

– raxleanne