Allusive Subspace

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Day 22 of 30 days of self-exploration through D/s

Subspace is one of those things associated with D/s, specifically the submissive side, although some claim similar headspace can be achieved by dominants, that can be a great benefit, but unfortunately is not always a guarantee.  Subspace can be most easily explained by the rush of hormones that lead to a feeling of being faint, flying, or buzzed.  Some have likened subspace to alcohol intoxication, due to the buzzed or foggy mind feeling, as well as the drop, or hangover that can occur. 

I, unfortunately, have little experience with Subspace.  I think, in part due to my over-analytical nature, have only reached Subspace one time that I can remember.  Consequently, I found myself chasing Subspace, consenting to more and more intense play, trying to achieve that feeling.  As someone who has addictive personality traits, I am now more aware of the negative consequences of the chase and no longer try.

Perhaps my biggest lesson of submission has been that I must learn what really giving up control is, there is a marked difference between the words and the actions.  This time around, I am committed to giving my submission my full focus.  Only time will tell how it works out.

Have you been to Subspace? What did you learn?

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The topic for this post was provided as part of LovingBDSM’s 30 days of D/s, which can be found here.  if you would like to join in, check them out.  If not, still check them out, they are great people doing great things for the D/s Community and so much more.

Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s