There I am… return to submission and glorious subspace!


Tiny discreet messages sent throughout the day…

“I can’t wait to see you bare wet pussy.”

“My cock is getting hard thinking of tasting you”

“I want you… now… you are mine!”

As the air rushes in through open windows and the quiet blanket of night settles on the grass, he calls me to the bed. I slip on the bed as the memories of the earlier messages cause a familiar throb deep in my cunt. He has teased me all week, and I am already dripping in anticipation. As he reaches over and grabs the back of my neck I can’t help it as a deep and full moan escapes my lips. He has taken to his new role with renewed fervor lately.

Next, he kisses me, in that deep and possessive way that begs my toes to curl as I begin to melt in his arms. Guiding me through each kiss, he makes it clear that I am here for him, I am his.

“Yes, Sir”

“Suck my cock,” he demands, knowing that not only do I relish the assertion, but love the feeling of soft folds as they slowly become hard, erect, and engorged. “Yes Sir,” I whisper. Still unsure if this will be the right title for him, he smiles in pleasure as our gaze locks just as my lips land on his succulent cock.

Fresh out of the shower, my wet tendrils fall across my face as I take him in ever so slowly. Is there any better feeling in the world than a cock pulsing and growing between lips and tongue? Cupping his balls, I apply pressure to the perineum as he lets out a deep, long moan. I have only a moment to register the quiet outside and wonder how far that moan would travel before the member growing, pressing against the roof of my mouth brings me quickly back to the task at hand. I did not want to rush this. This busy week has kept us apart and I crave him at my very core.

The Feast

As if reading my mind, he gently flips me to my back, grabbing my hands to hold my spread legs, he gives me a devilish grin before diving between my thighs. Seemingly both thirsty and hungry as tongue and teeth volley for their turn as my dripping cunt. I fight to stay relaxed and just enjoy his feast, while my thighs tremble as my sensitive clit begs them to dance. Flexibility definitely has it’s advantages when you are a big gal! Throwing my head back, I sank deep into the cool sheets as I finally let all other thoughts go from my head, simply enjoying the moment.

I couldn’t tell you how long he tasted and drank from my ripe and ready pussy, nor would I care to know. We he had what he wanted, he moved up the bed and fed me his cock again… grabbing a vibrator from the side table, he coaxed my hand to hold it against my lips, insuring that there would be no decrease in sensitivity anytime soon. Rocking on his knees, he slowly fucked my mouth while one hand caressed and stroked from my shoulders to my knees and back again. Each caress sending me closer and closer.

Take what is yours…

“Come here so I can fuck your tight wet pussy, ” he stated, knowing that I was hot and ready, my clit vibrating and tender. As I climbed toward his side of the bed, he covered the head of his cock with our favorite lube, knowing that by using it he could dive in hard and have no worry of hurting me. He turned me around and his sounds of approval had me bend even lower as I aligned my wet cunt with his cock. As he grabbed my hips I braced myself for the initial delicious plunge. There is just no other sensation that is quite like that first deep dive.

Slow and gentle gave way to hard and pounding as he drilled my cunt with his rock hard cock. He grabbed handfuls of ass as he pushed and pulled, finding a steady, amazing rhythm. Trying to take quick breaths between each thrust and arch my back in such a way to decrease tomorrow’s inevitable ache, I wasn’t prepared for the first smack. I knew this time was different immediately, the sharpness and repetition I had been craving slammed into me one after another punctuated by each hard thrust. One side then the other, back and forth, followed by a rapid staccato.

I sunk deep into the mattress as I not only reached but flew past one climax, exploding through another, and another. My mind spinning, having only a brief moment to think, “oh yes, finally.” Dizzying sensations overtook my mind as the last thing I can completely remember is a punctuated smack with one hand as the other latched on and held me, his cock sunk deep into my cunt.

Back to reality… damn

It had been quite some time since I felt anything quite like it, as I waited patiently for my mind and body to come back into some kind of communication. For me, my mind always slams home first, but way before my mouth is able to work correctly. As the buzzing in my ears began to fall away he collapsed on the bed beside me and pulled me close to him. I tried to explain what I was feeling and words just wouldn’t come out. I just smiled and pressed my face into his chest and enjoyed the moment. There was something I had to do, but it had fallen away. I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and oh how I have missed me.

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